Update on PayPal

August 05, 2022

***Official Staff Post***

As of July 28th, PayPal took away the option to pay friends and family to all businesses, including non-profits. We found out today (thanks Sara for letting us know).

While we look into alternatives, we are going to continue to use PayPal for those who want to use credit and debit cards and we will  eat the extra costs. 

As always, you will be able to pay cash at the door as well. This includes paying for items like season passes and monster be gones.

Registration for the 2022 Mythic Retreat

July 20, 2022

Registration for the Retreat will begin Tuesday, August 9th, at noon. 

Instructions are in the comments, but are the same as last year.

Send payment via PayPal to via friends and family/gift/donation. If it is not sent this way, your money will be refunded and you will have to send it again.

You must then send a screen shot of your payment to If you do not send a screenshot to MYTHICSIGNUP@GMAIL.COM, we do not know that you are coming.


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Season 7 details reminder!

July 17, 2022

As MetroCon comes to a close,  and I've been asked about season 7, especially by our new and future players here goes.


Season 7 - Pricing


3 day events

Playing a character with a bed in a cabin - $75 (this is a $10 increase and basically makes events $25/day.  This is our first increase since season 3 and the main increase.  I'm doing my best to offset all the external increases the world is throwing at us)

Playing a character staying in a tent or without staying on site (...)

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Metrocon 2022!

July 15, 2022

Metrocon is this weekend!  Come join us in Ballroom B for the Metrocon Mythic Dungeon Experience!  

Season 7 Store Details!

July 05, 2022


Mythic Season 7 Store - 

Launches Friday of MetroCon through the Sunday of the Mythic Retreat. 



Item information 

In the following comments are each of the items on the Mythic store for season 7

Please add comments or questions under the various items themselves.  So it is easier to track.   Please read the descriptions as some things have changed. 

All items will be available from Friday June 15th of MetroCon until Sunday August 22nd of the Mythic Retreat.(Read More)