Potion of Lesser Healing

Type: Elixirs
Frequency: Common
Duration: Instant
Production Points: One (1)
Creation Cost: Two (2)
Required to Make: Apprentice Elixirist
Required to Use: None
Physical Representation: Vial of Light Red
Required Components:
Optional Components:
  • Silversage Abundant Farming

This Potion can be used by anyone. Once drank the potion will heal the Target for Twenty (20) hit points of Damage, regardless of their status as to Corruptions or Desecration.

Beings without a Life Force, such as Constructs and the Undead as well gain no benefit from this Potion.

Those who are not injured will gain no benefit from this Potion.

Furthermore, this Potion cannot bring a target to beyond his or her normal hit point Maximum. (i.e. A Character wounded six (6) hit points would only have six (6) hit points restored and the other four (14) would be wasted.

The potions entire contents must be consumed, and a partial potion will have no effect.