Create Zombie

Level: 7
Duration: 1 hour
Area of Effect: One creature
Type: Necromancy
Usable By: Necromancer

By Necromancy's Pit I shall call forth my Zombie to walk the earth.

This spell creates an Undead from a freshly dead corpse. The Body of the deceased arises to serve its new master as an Undead Zombie.

The Zombie has the following stats:

Hit Points: 100

Armor: 0

Speed: Walk Only

Attack: 6 Claw (or weapon damage +4)

The newly Created Zombie can follow simple orders.

Once destroyed or the duration expires the being’s spirit is released and the body turns to ash. Forcing the target to go to resurrect if they have the additional life-force to do such

The spell may not be recast on the Zombie and nothing will prevent the Zombie from expiring in one hour’s time.

This spell cannot be used on constructs or other creatures without a life force.