Defense Against Magic

Level: 8
Duration: Special
Area of Effect: One Creature
Type: Protection

I grant you a defense against Magic that you may be protected.

This spell grants the target Protection from any harmful spell of 8th level or less and 9th level direct damage spells. Furthermore, the caster is rendered immune to spells of 3rd Level or less for the duration of the spell or until the spell is consumed.

This spell is considered separate for Spell shield checks and once activated simply protects the bearer from the said spell, still expending the spell for the attacker. If the defender is hit with a spell of 4th Level or Higher the magics of the Defense against Magic spell are consumed.

To Defender must state “Flash” to let the attacker know the spell failed and the defense was consumed if the spell is of 4th Level or higher.

Otherwise they would state “Defend” against lower level spells to allow the attacker to know their spell failed, but that the spell shield is still active.

A creature may only ever have 1 Defense against Magic spell active at a time.

This spell may not be coupled with a Barrier against Magic spell, Minor Invulnerability to Magic spell or Invulnerability to Magic Spell.

The spell expires after one day (at spell reset) if not used.

Special Note: This spell does not defend against physical attacks such as packets or the magic tagline.