Destroy Undead

Level: 7
Duration: Instant
Area of Effect: One Undead
Type: Order / Light / Healing
Usable By: Healer Druid Wrath

I call upon the natural order to Destroy this Abomination of Undeath before me.

Undead who are hit by this spell will take 100 hit points of damage, if they are not protected from this sort of magic.

If an Undead is dropped to 0 hit points or below by this spell they are instantly turned to ash by this spell, unless they have some form of protection against such magic.

This spell cannot be used to harm most other creatures who are not Undead while they are living.

If this spell is used against Certain Creatures, such as those who are corrupted or desecrated, while they are at dead status it will instantly turn them to dust as well. Forcing the target to go to resurrect if they have the additional life-force to do such