Detect Planar Origin

Level: 6
Duration: 10 minutes
Area of Effect: Caster Only
Type: Scrying
Usable By: Hearth

By the Hearth of the world may I detect those not of this Plane.

With this spell a Hearth caster may detect a Planar Creature for what they are. The level of detail depends on any Lore skill the caster may have.

For Example:

If the Target is a Djinn from the Plane of Air disguised as a Human. The caster with no Lore would be able to tell the Target was a creature of the Plane of Air.

With the Planar Lore skill, the caster would know that the being was not a standard elemental of that plane,

With the Elemental Lore Skill, The Caster would know the creature was in fact a Djinn from the Plane of Air

With Elemental Air Lore, the Caster would even know that this was a Prince of the Djinn of the 4th Trading House of the Plane of Air.

This spell may be used on items as well as creatures.