Dismiss Planar Being

Level: 9
Duration: Instant
Area of Effect: One Target
Type: Planar
Usable By: Hearth

By Hearth and Home I Dismiss you from my sight, leave my plane and return from whence you came.

This spell causes a Creature from another plane to be sent back to its home plane until it can be successfully summoned again.

Lesser Planar Beings who have a spell shield take 100 hit points of damage and their shield is blow. If a Lesser being does not have a spell shield or the damage done by this spell shield exceeds its current hit points it is sent back to its home plane instantly.

Greater beings may use an appropriate spell shield as a defense against this spell. If they do not have a spell shield they will take 100 points of damage and if this amount exceeds their hit points they are sent back to their home plane.

Members of the Celestial Races (Djinn-born, Sons of Kith, Brotherhood Arcanum, etc.…) will take 50 points of damage unless they have a proper spell shield in place. They will not be banished as their origins may be extra planar but the Material plane is now their home.