Elemental Friendship

Level: 8
Duration: 1 hour
Area of Effect: 1 Elemental only
Usable By: Druid

By the Power of the Four Lords of the Elemental Realms do I bind this Elemental in Friendship with me.

This spell causes the Target Elemental to fall under the complete control of the Caster for the duration of the spell, or until the caster dies, the Elemental is destroyed, or control is otherwise wrestled from the caster.

The Elemental will follow the casters commands to the best of its abilities even until its own destruction.

This spell will not wrestle Master Control away from a Summoned Elemental, and though the Elemental will look favorably upon the Druid it will still be bound by the contract of its Master Controller.

This spell does not confer any special ability to speak to or understand the elemental upon the druid, beyond what means the Druid already has.