Entangling Vines

Level: 3
Duration: 10 minutes
Area of Effect: One creature
Type: Confining
Usable By: Druid

I call forth the powers of nature to entangle you in Vines.

This spell encases the target in vines which trap them from head to toe. The target may not move nor cast during the duration of this spell.

Strength score of +3 or higher will allow the Vines to be broken on a 10 count. (i.e. Breaking 1, Breaking 2, Breaking 3…)

Strength score of +6 or better will allow the vines to be broken on a 5 count (i.e. . Breaking 1, Breaking 2, …)

These counts should be at a reasonable pace of approximately 1 second per count.

The vines in no other way harm the target.

If the target is unable to break or snap the vines they may be killed on a 5 count. Creatures which are actively breaking the vines may not be killed on a 5 count.