Heal Lethal Wounds

Level: 8
Duration: Instant
Area of Effect: One creature
Type: Healing
Usable By: Healer

With the light of the Dawn I Heal your Lethal Wounds.

This spell will heal the intended target for 180 points of damage with the Healing tagline. “180 Healing.”

The target may not exceed its normal maximum allotted hit points using this spell. This spell will heal all living beings regardless of their status.

This spell may also be used to heal the target back from Critically Wounded and / or Lethally Wounded status.

This spell will also cleanse them of any toxins and / or disease they may have normal or magical. It will furthermore regenerate any missing body parts/

Undead will take full damage from this spell with the Healing tagline. “180 Healing.”

This spell cannot be used to heal constructs or other creatures without a life force.