Healing Hands

Level: 3
Duration: 10 minutes
Area of Effect: Caster Only
Type: Healing
Usable By: Healer

Life guides my hand so they may heal.

This spell allows a healer to mimic the Lay On Hands Epic ability. For the duration, a Healer may transfer hit points from themselves to another on a 1 hit point to 1 hit point basis. This spell may not reduce the healer to below 1 hit point, thus the healer may not sacrifice themselves to heal another using Healing Hands.

To use this ability a 5 count is needed, then the amount transferred.

Example “Healing Hands 1, Healing Hands 2 Healing Hands 3, Healing Hands 4, Healing Hands 5, transferring 10 hit points”

The points transferred act just as if the healer was damaged in combat and may be healed normally.