Reveal Magic

Level: 3
Duration: 10 minutes
Area of Effect: Caster Only
Type: Scrying
Usable By: Hearth

By hearth and hone, Magic Reveal yourself to me.

With this spell a Hearth caster may detect magical auras on a subject. They may also refocus their attention and detect magical auras on additional subjects for the duration of the spell by asking about the subject specifically.

The level of detail depends on the magic detected.

If a target has an Ethereal Magic on them the caster, simply knows it has an Ethereal aura.

If the target has a Terrestrial Magic on them then the caster will know what type, but not what actual spells are involved.

Example: If a target had an Elemental Shield spell and a Fire of Wrath Spell on them the caster would know they have an Ethereal Magic and a Wrath Magic on them.

This spell may be used to Reveal magic on items as well as creatures.