Level: 9
Duration: 10 minutes
Area of Effect: Caster only
Type: Protection
Usable By: Healer Druid

By the grace of Serenity, I claim Dawn's Sanctuary!

This spell renders the caster using it unable to cast any magic but Healing or Protection magic.

They furthermore may not attack, act aggressively, interrupt any attacks, block others’ movement, use an item ability other than those of healing and protection, drag a body, pick up items, or interact beyond conversation, first aid, or triage with any being or object.

A caster in Sanctuary may not use his/her Healing or Cure spells on any Undead as that too would be a form of attack.

In return for this the caster is rendered Immune to all forms of spells and attacks save for Disjunct Magic and such powerful magic that is beyond Mortal grasp as Dragon Magic or High Sorcery.

The caster must place their left arm across their chest to signify to others that they are in Sanctuary, and that all attacks are negated for the duration.

Anyone who mistakenly or foolishly attacks a caster in sanctuary will have their spell or attack have no effect, but the attack/spell is still used up in the attempt.