Shadow Form

Level: 6
Duration: 10 minutes
Area of Effect: Caster only
Type: Protection
Usable By: Wrath Necromancer

Veil of Darkness, descend upon me and cloak me in Shadow.

This spell changes the casters form to the state of a shadow. Viewers see only a shadowy representation of the caster.

While in Shadow Form, the caster can only walk, and cannot cast spells, but may speak, and may move about.

Because the caster retains their general size and shape they cannot pass under doors or float across impassable terrain.

The caster may come in and out of Shadow Form for the duration of the spell on a five count, for either coming into or out of form.

The Spell may be dispelled by normal means, but otherwise when in shadow form all attacks pass harmlessly through the caster.