Shield of Entropy

Level: 8
Duration: Special
Area of Effect: Caster only
Type: Item / Necromancy
Usable By: Necromancer

Veil of Darkness Eternal grant unto me a Shield of Entropy.

This spell must be coupled with the Shield Block or Shield Bash skill to be used.

This spell places an enchantment upon the casters shield which only he/she may use.

When the caster chooses to he/she may active the spell while also using a Shield Block or Shield bash skill

This spell will simultaneously with the above-mentioned skill causes the attacker 60 hit points of Necromantic/Darkness damage.

Please note certain Creatures such as the Undead will be healed 60 hit points of damage from this spell instead of being harmed. This damage bypasses armor and goes directly to hit points.

The caster must state when using his skill either “Shield Block of Entropy” or “Shield Bash of Entropy” to allow his opponent to know that the spell was activated

The spell is consumed along with the Blocking defense.

The spell expires after one day (at spell reset) if not used.