Siphon Life Force

Level: 6
Duration: Instant
Area of Effect: One Creature
Type: Darkness / Fel
Usable By: Necromancer

From the Pit of Necromancy, shall I Siphon your very Life Force from you.

Once cast this spell causes 30 points of damage to its victim.

Furthermore, the If the Necromancer is corrupted, desecrated or other such attuned they are healed 30 points of damage.

If the Necromancer is not attuned in these ways they gain no benefit from this spell, but the target is still harmed by it.

The target must be a living creature in any case and this spell cannot be used to harm constructs or other creatures without a life force, nor will the Necromancer be healed from any of these creatures.

If the target has a spell shield or other form of protection against this spell, the Necromancer is also not healed by this spell.