Spirit of the Ent

Level: 7
Duration: 1 Hour
Area of Effect: Caster only
Type: Nature
Usable By: Druid

Nature guide me and Grant unto me the Spirit of the Ent.

This spell allows the Caster to enter a Large Tree and remain within for up to 1 hour, being totally protected from all harm, and unnoticeable to anyone looking on.

A Large Tree is defined as a living tree whose circumference is large enough that the Druid could be completely engulfed by it.

The Druid goes must stay with the tree and touching it until a time they come out of the tree. When exiting the tree, they must state, stepping out of tree 1, stepping out of tree 2, stepping out of tree 3.

During this process the druid may be attacked, but not killing blowed, but they may not fight back either.

During this process if the duration is not yet over for the spell the may reenter the tree they are presently exiting from.

Once out of the tree the spell is over and must be recast to enter the same or another tree.

The Druid is aware of his/her surroundings as normal while in the tree.

The Tree itself is also fully protected from all harm during the duration of the Spirit of the Ent spell.