Zone of Life

Level: 6
Duration: 1 hour (Special)
Area of Effect: 10-foot diameter zone
Type: Life
Usable By: Healer

Life protects me that I can forbid the Un-living from entering this Zone of Life.

This spell creates a 10-foot diameter dome shaped barrier that blocks all undead beings from passing through.

A Caster must state the verbal of the spell to become active, throwing a packet to their feet in the middle of their circle.

Any Undead within the confines of the Zone at the time of its activation are cast out by this spell being forced 10 feet away from the caster.

Spells may pass through normally, but Undead special attacks, such as Nausea gas or Disease packets, may not.

The caster may leave his/her area and return though at any time.

Certain creatures such as those that are desecrated, death attuned, and/or Necro-mongers are also forced out of a Zone of Life when cast, but otherwise their spells and attacks may pass through.

Special Note, it is highly recommended the caster mark their Zone of Life clearly, safely, and properly. Outdoors on the grass powder such as chalking works well, and at night multiple glow sticks around the border are an excellent marker. Cutting into a wood Floor, or chalk on a deck are not good ideas for obvious reasons