Nausea Gas

Type: Poisons
Frequency: Common
Duration: 10 Minutes
Production Points: Four (4)
Creation Cost: Six (6)
Required to Make: Journeyman Poisoner
Required to Use: Apprentice Poisoner
Physical Representation: Foam Vial or Bean Bag of Purple
Required Components:
Optional Components:
  • Brimstone Crystals Common Mining
  • Mystery Meat Abundant Forestry

This Poison may be thrown at a single Target and upon impact will break open in a small gaseous cloud causing the target sever Nausea, as they become quite ill.

The Verbal upon striking a target is “Nausea Gas”

Nausea will cause a target to be unable to run, or attack. They may still defend themselves.

Note: Feel free to Role-play but be conscientious of those around you as to not make someone with a weak constitution nauseated in real life.

Creatures which do not have a metabolism, or have no life force such as Golems or