Venom Coating: Blind

Type: Poisons
Frequency: Uncommon
Duration: 1 Hour (10 Swings)
Production Points: Six (6)
Creation Cost: Eight (8)
Required to Make: Journeyman Poisoner
Required to Use: Apprentice Poisoner
Physical Representation: Purple Line on Weapon (Purple Vial)
Required Components:
Optional Components:
  • Deadly Nightshade Uncommon Forestry

This Venom coating will cause the victim to lose their eyesight and temporarily become blind for up to ten (10) minutes.

The attack must successfully strike the target and each swing up to ten (10) whether successful or not counts against the number of uses for a coating. The tagline added to weapon damage is “Blinding Venom” (i.e.10 magic Blinding venom).

The Strike must cause hit point Damage to be effective.

Furthermore, a Venom Coating will lose all potency if not used within One (1) hour of it having been applied to a weapon.

The Purple line may be painted on or be tapped on, but must be visible and the length of the weapon used.

Creatures which do not have a metabolism, or have no life force such as Golems or the Undead are not affected by this poison.

Venoms take One (1) minute to safely apply to a weapon.

Special Note: Venoms last for One (1) Hour, ten (10) swings (i.e. 8 Magic said Ten (10) times) or until it has affected Three (3) targets (i.e. Done hit points damage to those targets) whichever comes First.