Ingested: Sleep

Type: Poisons
Frequency: Common
Duration: 1 Hour/Special
Production Points: Two (2)
Creation Cost: Two (2)
Required to Make: Apprentice Poisoner
Required to Use: Herbalism
Physical Representation: Vial of Purple
Required Components:
Optional Components:
  • Crabapple Abundant Farming

This poison must be ingested in food or drink to take effect. Once it takes affect it will place the target in a deep sleep.

The entire contents of the poison must be used to be effective.

Sleeping targets may be attacked and cannot defend themselves until they have taken at least 10 hit points of damage.

A sleeping target may also be shaken awake on a 10 count.

Creatures which do not sleep or have no life force such as Golems or the Undead are not affected by this poison.

Lastly a sleeping target may be killed on a 5 count.