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March 08, 2023 - Registration for Altar of Ascension - March Event

****Official Staff Post****

Registration for the March event will go live Tuesday, March 14th at 5pm!

March 02, 2023 - Bazaar of the Moon Update & Season 8 Schedule!

The Bazaar of the Moon has been shifted to a full 3-day event at Camp Geneva!  The dates are May 12 to May 14!  This has been updated here on the website and the google calander!

In addition, the Season 8 Schedule has been posted!  From the desk of Gary:

Festival September 29-October 1st

All Hallows: October 27-29th

Yule: December 15-17th

Ratification Day: January 5-7th

A Time of Longing : February 2-4th

The Pale Dark: March 8-10th

Feypril: April 5-7th

May has not been confirmed,  but we are looking at May 3-5, 2024.


The Google Calander can be found Here! Feel free to subscribe for up to the minute updates!  The schedule of events will rotate once this season ends and the new season begins!

February 23, 2023 - Late arrivals and cancellations!

Official Staff Post From the Desk of Amanda:

If you realize that you are going to arrive after opening ceremonies, please let me know and what time you are anticipating getting there. 
This lets me know if check in needs to stay open a little later, or if I have you come to the infirmary to check in, or if I just give you your cabin assignment and tell you to come by the infirmary in the morning for your character sheet, etc.

Late would be after 11pm.

If you are coming on Saturday morning, the cost for an event does not change. Also, let me know what time you plan on arriving, so I can be in the infirmary to check you in.

If something happens and you can’t come to an event, please let me know as soon as you can. I can open up that cabin space for someone else, make sure that you get your carry over credit or refund, and the Library, Jillian, and I aren’t left wondering if we need to stay open or close up shop because you can’t make it.

As always, if you have any questions, just let us know!

February 16, 2023 - A Reminder about Check In Procedures!

From the Desk of Production Marshal Jillian:

Hi Mythic Community,

As we continue to grow, I would like to make the following requests in order to achieve a smooth set-up and pre-game festivities.

First and foremost, please register for the event. You can always pay once you arrive. By registering, you have a better chance to stay where you would like versus where you are put.

Secondly, please be mindful of arrival times when arriving to site. Also note, due to real life schedules and traffic, not all of staff members are themselves able to arrive early.

Once you have arrived and are at main check in, please make sure you have money if you need to pay for the event as well as any changes to your medical documentation,including your ID. It is at this time that we ask you please sign up for your monster shift. It is also here that you will retrieve your character sheet.

Once you have collected your character sheet and completed main check-in, please proceed into the main room in order to finish the pre-game festivities!

Please check your character sheet once you pick it up to make sure any updates you have requested have gone through. If you have any questions or concerns please stop by the librarians before going to the rest of check in.

The next place for you to go is to get your weapons and armor checked. Please if you can, bring your cards from the previous event. If you cannot find your cards that is fine, new ones can be issued. You WILL need your character sheet, as well as your physical weapons and armor (if anything changed on your armor), for this process. IMPORTANT: Weapons get checked EVERY event!

If you are a production character, there will be 2 lines set up for production. One of the lines will be pre-production (which we highly recommend). The other line will be for active production on-site. Please make sure that you are in the correct line. We have no desire for anyone to stand in line any longer than they need to. Also please keep in mind that the pre-production line should be like the express lane at the grocery store. Please do not be the person with 20 items in the “10 items or less” lane who also has a bunch of coupons.

In order to complete the production process, you WILL need your character sheet, your spell/recipe book (assuming you are making anything), as well as any crown or materials required by your recipes.

The other line that you may end up having the pleasure (punishment) of dealing with is “The Dave Line”. This line is for those characters that are conducting in-game research, and retrieving recipes or item cards (as instructed to do so). Because of the complexity of “The Dave Line” we ask that you prep your issue for Dave as much as you are able to ahead of time. For research, this means completing the excellent Google doc to submit your research idea, or the items that you are donating this event (you have to complete this every event you are doing research).

The goal of all of these requests is to allow not only you, but all of game to start play once Opening Ceremonies are concluded. As such, please be mindful when it is your turn to conduct business that there are potentially others waiting. We know that everyone wants to socialize with the check-in staff (after all, we are totally awesome), but there will be more than enough time to catch-up and socialize throughout the weekend.

If for some reason there is a chance you are going to be late it is highly recommended you do PreProduction (even if you only get crown) and for you to communicate with Gary, Sarah, Thane, or Jillian so arrangements can be prepared.

Ultimately we are wanting players and staff to be able to go into play/monster no later than 1 am and with your help, we can bring you more entertainment.

tl/dr: seriously…this is important stuff…read the post 😊

February 01, 2023 - Registration for February Event!

****Official Staff Post****

Registration for the February Event will go live February 14th at 5pm!