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August 05, 2022 - Update on PayPal

***Official Staff Post***

As of July 28th, PayPal took away the option to pay friends and family to all businesses, including non-profits. We found out today (thanks Sara for letting us know).

While we look into alternatives, we are going to continue to use PayPal for those who want to use credit and debit cards and we will  eat the extra costs. 

As always, you will be able to pay cash at the door as well. This includes paying for items like season passes and monster be gones.

July 20, 2022 - Registration for the 2022 Mythic Retreat

Registration for the Retreat will begin Tuesday, August 9th, at noon. 

Instructions are in the comments, but are the same as last year.

Send payment via PayPal to via friends and family/gift/donation. If it is not sent this way, your money will be refunded and you will have to send it again.

You must then send a screen shot of your payment to If you do not send a screenshot to MYTHICSIGNUP@GMAIL.COM, we do not know that you are coming.

Please include what you are paying for — the one adventure ring that you have registered for and confirmed with Thane and if you intend to go to the Masquerade ($25), or the one adventure ring that you have registered for and confirmed with Thane, the masquerade plus staying in a cabin ($25+$20=$45 total).

The retreat is not included in the Season Pass as those are still being sold at the Retreat.

It is included in the Golden Ticket.

New players! Players who are there to full time NPC! You need to NPC a minimum of one adventure ring. If you are staying overnight, your cost will be $20, payable as above. Please include that you are full time NPCing.

Like last year, we will have panels targeted at new players and players who have played less than a year, although anyone can attend. You do not have to pre-register for panels, and the topics and schedule will be announced when they are finalized.

July 17, 2022 - Season 7 details reminder!

As MetroCon comes to a close,  and I've been asked about season 7, especially by our new and future players here goes.


Season 7 - Pricing


3 day events

Playing a character with a bed in a cabin - $75 (this is a $10 increase and basically makes events $25/day.  This is our first increase since season 3 and the main increase.  I'm doing my best to offset all the external increases the world is throwing at us)

Playing a character staying in a tent or without staying on site - $45

Full-time monsters/npc staying in the monster town cabin - $10

Full-time monsters/npc not staying on site or staying in a tent - free. 


Adventure Rings 

Will vary in price depending on location,  overnight,  one day,  food,  and other considerations.   Range $20 - $35 each event.


Mythic Retreat

$25 for the events. 

$20 additional for an over night stay in the cabins.

July 15, 2022 - Metrocon 2022!

Metrocon is this weekend!  Come join us in Ballroom B for the Metrocon Mythic Dungeon Experience!  

July 05, 2022 - Season 7 Store Details!


Mythic Season 7 Store - 

Launches Friday of MetroCon through the Sunday of the Mythic Retreat. 



Item information 

In the following comments are each of the items on the Mythic store for season 7

Please add comments or questions under the various items themselves.  So it is easier to track.   Please read the descriptions as some things have changed. 

All items will be available from Friday June 15th of MetroCon until Sunday August 22nd of the Mythic Retreat.

The Only item not available for that length of time will be the Golden Ticket.   This will only be on sale Friday June 15th 2022. There are also only 25 of these tickets,  so it is whichever comes first. 

 Mythic is a not for profit,  and we don't do pay to win.  This annual store is just try to subsidize some of the costs, which have gone up a lot.   Though so has the standard of the facilities we use and the props and decor too.   For those who wish to know the average cost to put on a 3 day is now over $13,000 for the weekend. 

Please take your time and ask  questions about an item in its comments section. 

☆☆ please note some of the numbers reflects my faith in our community to get us to and maintain an over 250-300 player average this season,  possibly much higher. ☆☆

Thank you all

It's going to be an amazing season!

- Gary


Production Lab


Production Lab (limit 5 per player) - $30.00: A production Lab wil allow a one time use for any single production skill, for apprentice to master recipes, This will double all production made at the event the lab is used at. The bearer must turn in their ticket at time of use. The bearer must pay the additional crown cost of this production.

Only one lab may be used per event.


Bountiful Harvest


Bountiful Harvest (limit 5 per player) - $30.00: A Bountiful Harvest wil allow a one time boon to a single characters craft skills . This will double the number of pulls, or crowns recieved for that skill at the event the Bountiful Harvest is used. The bearer must turn in their ticket at time of use.

Only one Bountiful Harvest may be used per event

☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆

Pay it Forward Token - Remains!!

☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆

Pay it Forward Token - $35.00

A player may purchase this Token as a gift for a new player during season 7. This will cover the cost of an new players first event as a charcter, including bed space, as well as give the new player a 50 EXP bonus for the event played.

The new player does still have to have all the standard items for character creation, such as marshal approvals.

☆ The new player will still get a intro adventure pack.

☆☆ The 25 Exp bonus for bringing a new player to Mythic still applies as well.

☆☆☆These are only useful for a new players 1st event as a character, and are a chance to pay it forward to for others. To encourage and uplift new members to our community.

☆☆☆☆ Yes this is about half the price of a regular event. The idea is we can help those who need the help, start playing Mythic and join our wonderful community!


Monster Be Gone: Season 7


Monster be Gone (100 total/ limit 2 per person) - $65.00:

The bearer of a monster be gone pass has no monster requirement for the event they chose to use their pass. This is a one time only pass.

☆The bearer must turn in their ticket with their check out envelope, and is still responsible to clean any cabin space they may have occupied.


ALT Character Season Pass


ALT Character Season Pass - $275.00. Returning by popular demand. This would be a rider to the regular Season Pass or even Golden ticket. This allows a player to assign one ALT Character; of the players, not played during the event to recieve the same benefits as the Character played for the event, so all the benefits of a Season Pass, or Golden Ticket.

Players could buy multiple if they have need, and/or want to maintain all their ALT characters at the same time. This addition costs $250 each after the 1st one.


Mythic Season 7 Pass


☆☆Mythic Season 6 Pass - $650.00: The bearer's attendance and lodging fees are covered for all Mythic Adventures' events this season and is entitled to full experience if they do not attend an event.

For each missed event, 50 xp goes toward a chosen character and a 50 exp chit to use as desired will be provided at the next event attended.

☆Must still clean room and do a monster shift at events they attend.

☆☆☆ Season Pass holder must still let us know through the email in advance so that they plan to attend so we can plan according

In addition, if they miss an event they still get production pulls, noble pay, craft pulls and/or pay. They are guaranteed a bed in a cabin at events. In addition this ticket includes all one shot and over night Adventure Rings. Even if the player doesn't have a character that should be at an Adventure Ring, they still gain that Rings Exp.

☆☆☆☆ Cancelation Insurance. During season 7 the Bearer gets a bonus 50 experience points for any 3 day event canceled or that they have to miss for any cancelation of that event.

This is on top of everything else.


Season 7 - Golden Ticket


☆☆Golden Ticket (Only on sale Friday July 15th 2022) - $1,500.00: This ticket covers season 7. The bearer is entitled to full exp both 50 exp chit and 50 experience on the character played (or assigned) at the events, wether or not they attend an event.

As well as production pulls at ☆no cost☆ for normal ( apprentice to master) productions. They recieve noble pay, craft pulls and/or pay, divinations as well.

☆☆Production☆☆ If the bearer does not have production, they may instead opt to recieve a bonus equal to the Bountiful Harvest at the event, or pay of 1 crown per level of the character played at that event. ☆☆New☆☆ (This was added to help those who purchase this type of pass, but do not have production skill)

Additionally: They are guaranteed a bed in a cabin at events. This ticket encludes all one shot and over night adventures, even if the player doesn't have a character to attend they will get the exp credit.

☆☆☆ Golden Ticket holder must still let us know through the email in advance so that they plan to attend so we can plan according

☆Must still clean room at events they attend.

Lastly there is no Monster requirement for season 7, not even for one shots. Yes there will be a physical Golden ticket!

☆☆☆☆ Cancelation Insurance. During season 7 the Bearer gets a bonus 100 experience points for any 3 day event canceled or that they have to miss for any cancelation of that event.

This is on top of everything else.


Adventuring Gifts for Others


I have constantly been surprised by the generosity of everyone in the Mythic community.

This year I am adding the various Adventure packs that we've done in the past, but as a gift to be purchased in for someone else, and given to them as a gift at the next event they attend.

Each of these packs is $20.

They must be purchased as a gift for someone else.

You may purchase up to 3 of each pack for someone, as a gift.


The Various Adventuring Packs


Champion’s Supplies

• 1x Sharpening Stone

• 1x Elixir of Ogre’s Blood

• 2x Journeyman Armor Repair Patch

• 2x Armor Reinforcing Kit

• 10cr

Knight’s Supplies

• 1x Weapon Silvering

• 1x Journeyman Armor Repair Patch

• 2x Journeyman Trauma Kit

• 2x Potion of Healing

• 10cr

Defender’s Supplies

• 1x Elixir of Lion’s Heart

• 1x Sharpening Stone

• 2x Potion of Healing

• 2x Journeyman Trauma Kit

• 10cr

Scoundrel’s Supplies

• 1x Ring of One Spell (empty)

• 1x Venom Coating: Pain

• 2x Apprentice Wine

• 2x Sharpening Stone

• 10cr

Crafter’s Supplies

• 1x Gyro-Balancer XJ-1

• 1x Simple Glue

• 2x Weak Acid

• 2x Antidote

• 10cr

Scholar’s Supplies

• 1x Light Alchemy

• 1x Lesser Wand (empty)

• 2x Scroll of Cure Wounds

• 2x Scroll of Trap

• 10cr

Adventurer’s Stash

• 1x Sharpening Stone

• 1x Potion of Healing

• 1x Journeyman Armor Repair Patch

• 1x Journeyman Trauma Kit

• 1x Apprentice Brew

• 1x Apprentice Spirits

• 10cr

Blacksmith’s Cache

• 2 Bronze Sprocket

• 2 Stone

• Obscure Material I (research component)

• 10cr

Herbalist’s Cache

• 2 Viscous Mucus

• 2 Greenskin Blood

• Obscure Specimen I (research component)

• 10cr

Distiller’s Cache

• 2 Barbed Thorn

• 2 Curled Tendril

• Obscure Ingredient I (research component)

• 10cr

Ethereal Ritualist’s Pack

• 1 Charcoal

• 1 Shard of Flint

• 2 Rough Amber

• 1 Silver Ore

• 10cr

Terrestrial Ritualist’s Pack

• 1 Crude Idol

• 1 Melted Candle

• 2 Rough Quartz

• 1 Lodestone

• 10cr


Mythic Store items as Gifts


I was asked several times last season if someone could purchase an item from the store for someone else.

The answer is yes you may!

Gifts are a great way to uplift and encourage each other.

Please make sure when you do buy such that you make sure we know whom you are purchasing an item for.

☆☆ Note: the Pay it Forward Token, is actually something you can purchase to give to others without anyone in mind. We are making physical cards to give away and for the new player to turn in.


Thank You All

I am always in awe of this amazing community we have created together.

It's going to be an amazing season!

- Gary