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Fri, Jul 5, 2024 6:00 PM
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April 11, 2024 - Checkout Form for Feypril 2024!

Official Library Post

We hope everyone enjoyed the “Faepril” event this weekend! 

The checkout link is live and can be found at:

The deadline to submit will be 11:59pm, Monday April 15th, 2024.

As a reminder, the check-out form needs to be completed in order to receive your XP for the event. (Sadly, our divination skills still don’t extend outside of game.)

We appreciate everyone’s continued patience with the portal transition, and recommend that any requests or questions for the Library (such as to check your player XP bank, skills that did not print on the new style Character Sheets, etc) be sent to the Library email address:

If you are having any difficulty with the checkout form, please reach out to one of the librarians and we will be happy to help!

Thank you!

The Hero’s Library Team

Chris Mack Krysta de Medici Matthew Shaffer

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