May Gala Schedule and Monstering FYI

May 05, 2023

From the desk of Thane Molnar:

***OFFICIAL*** May Gala Schedule and Monstering FYI

Hello Adventurers!

There have been some questions about the schedule and volunteer/monster shifts at the upcoming event, as we have added Adventure Rings as well.


Friday 11pm: Adventure Ring: Hidden Hunters

Friday/Saturday 12am: Adventure Ring: Undermarket 2: Bio-electric Body Glue

Saturday 10am: Bazaar begins

Saturday 10am: Adventure Ring: Susu’s Special Delivery

Saturday 11am: Adventure Ring: Life’s Work

Saturday 2pm: Bazaar ends(Read More)

Crafters for Bazaar Booths!

April 25, 2023

****Official Staff Post****

From the desk of Amanda:


If you are interested in selling at the Bazaar for either crowns or USD, please contact me! If you know someone who is interested in selling at the Bazaar, have them contact me! 

We will be open for outside vendors from 10-6 on Saturday, May 13th!

Tavern Menu for Feypril 2023!

April 20, 2023

Faepril Menu!!! The Professor returns to fullfill his Yule promise for a particular hand crafted food item elevated on Saturday Night.

Tavern Menu


April 17, 2023

From the Desk of Silas:

Hello, everyone! 🌿 This is a longer post - but very important - so please make sure to read the whole thing and spread the word to your friends. 🙏

It is my absolute pleasure to announce that sign-ups for the 2023 Adventure Rings are finally here! 🤩 As discussed at the last opening ceremonies, we're doing things a bit differently this year. 

However, I wasn't there! 😂 So, I'd like to highlight the changes here myself, to ensure everyone is clear on the structure. 💙 

There's a link to (...)

(Read More)