How To Register

Registering for an Event

  1. Send your payment through PayPal to using the donate button on the website or by clicking the donate link on the event page on Facebook.
    • If you are playing your character, and you are tent camping or not staying on site, the cost is $45. If you are playing your character, and you are staying in one of our buildings with indoor plumbing and air conditioning, the cost of $75.
    • If you are full time monstering and you are tent camping or not staying on site, the cost is free. If you are staying in our monster cabin with indoor plumbing and air conditioning, the cost is $10.
  2. You have Two Options
    • Option A - Once you have sent your payment to via the PayPal using the donate button on the website or the by clicking the link on the event page, take a screen shot of the confirmation screen — not the one that shows the credit card numbers, and send an email of the confirmation to
      1. Include in that email the following information — your legal name (especially if this differs from your PayPal account), your character name (especially if you have multiple characters), the cabin that you want to stay in (Ancients, Dusk Elves, Sudomir, Martarus, etc), and a second cabin choice.
      2. If you are a Season Passholder, if you have a Golden Ticket, if you have money that you are rolling over from a previous event, or if you are paying cash on site, you must include that in your email.
      3. If you are tent camping, please include if it's a modern tent or a period tent.
      4. If you are buying levels, please include that in your email and also send a copy to The Hero's Library (
    • Option B - NEW!!!!!  Instead of using an email, you can now use the Registration Form provided on the event page! 
      • Simply click the "Register!" button found next to the Donate button on the event page.
      • Fill out all fields within the form.
      • For those Prepaying - select the "Paypal" option from the Payment drop down.  Then simply uplaod or copy your above screenshot into the provided space.
      • For those Paying On Site, or with a Golden Ticket or Season Pass, select that option from the Payment dropdown.
      • Please put in your First and Second choices for cabin. You can specify a house, prestige group, or duchy group.
      • If you are staying in Monster Town with the Full Time Monsters, pelase select that from the Sleeping Arrangements dropdown.
      • If you are tent camping, please specify if you are using an Immersive or Modern tent from the Sleeping Arrangments dropdown.
      • Note: If you are filling out a registration form for multiple members, please send either an individual form for each member, or send an email, if your requests are complicated. If all people are staying in the same cabin and payment is handled the same for all, you can simply lists Names and Characters in the lines provided.
      • Extra Note: If your needs are complicated enough to not fit within the form, please send an email instead. 
  3. If you are a new player, if this is your anniversary month, or if you have not filled out a medical history form in over a year, click on the medical history form in the files section of this page or on the website, fill it out, and email it to me at Alternatively, you can print it out and bring it to the event or fill one out at the event, but it will be harder to maintain privacy that way.

Cabins are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Until staff get BOTH your email and your payment confirmation, you are not officially assigned a cabin, and you may not get your first choice.

Registration questions can be directed via facebook to Amanda Bumgardner, or via email to

Checking in at an event is easy and broken down into simple steps generally visible by separate tables and stations.

  1. Check in with the Medics to ensure all forms are up to date.
  2. Then, visit the Cabin table to pay anything you may need if you did not prepay for the event, as well as receive your cabin assignment.
  3. Next, you'll fill out your name in on one of the Monster Sign Up sheets, which will allow you to then pick up your character packet (sheet, pink card, magic sheet).
  4. New Players must report to The Hero's Library to finish any character creation steps. If you have an issue with your sheet, you can also check in with the Library to have any concerns dealt with.
  5. Visit Weapons and Armor check in to get your weapons tested by our safety team, as well as get your Weapons and Armor cards looked at. Cards from previous games can be kept as long as nothing has changed.
  6. The Production table will be separated into different areas, based on what you need. If you did pre-production you should be able to quickly gather your production pulls and move on. If you have issues you can meet with a production team member.
  7. One station will be set aside for scribing and spell book checks. If you need to gain new spells or recipes, they will take care of you there.
  8. Opening Ceremonies will be announced, which will go over any new information as well as give a summary of potential plot and any special events for that gather
  9. New Players MUST attend the New Player Safety course. Players who have not played in a while, or have not attended a safety course for some time, are encouraged to also attend.
  10. Have Fun! :)