Item Credits

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Occasionally, Mythic Adventures will have what are referred to as Volunteer Days. These days can be anything from a work day at the mythic site, working the Mythic Adventures Dungeon at Metrocon, or even participating in a Mythic sponsored charity event, such as the Halloween Trick Or Treat event. In addition to any EXP chits that are offered for working these events, you can also gain a Volunteer Credit.

Typically a Volunteer Credit is awarded after 5 consecutive hours volunteered during the course of a day at an event. Usually you can only earn a single credit a day, so pulling a 10 hour shift will not grant you 2 credits. Additional credits may be awarded on a case by case basis, and is up to the discretion of the member of staff who is organizing the volunteer event.

Players may "bank" item credits to save up for a larger purchase. However, only 10 Item Credits may be banked at a time. In instances in which a player may acquire more than 10 credits, a limited opportunity to spend those excess credits may be given.


If you would like to make an item credit purchase, send in an email to


There are many options available for cashing in your item credits. Below you can find some specialty items that are available.

Minor - 1 Item Credit (each)

  • Enhanced Str +1 Broach
  • Damage Reduction -1 Broach
  • 5 DR vs Darkness/Fel/Corruption Broach
  • Parry Pendant
  • Evade Pendant
  • Common GM 1 Recipe
  • Common Level 1 Ritual (Invest Being, Ward, Proscribe Being, Prepare Ritual Area, Consecrate Area)
  • Shield Block Pendant
  • Resist Disease Pendant
  • Resist Charm Pendant
  • +5 {Fire, Ice, Earth, or Lightning} Damage Talisman
  • +5 {Heal, Cure, Cause, or Inflict} Effect Talisman
  • 1 Master, 1 Journeyman, and 1 Apprentice Recipe from those available in the Book
  • Material Components for a GM1 Ring, Broach, or Talisman and the Consecrate Item Ritual.
  • Upgrade a Minor Item from a prior year to its moderate version.

Moderate - 2 Credits (each)

  • Upgrade a Moderate item from a prior year to its Medium form.
  • +2 STR Broach
  • -2 DR Broach
  • Shield Bash Pendant
  • Common GM2 Recipe
  • Common Level 2 Ritual (Disrupt the Weave, Elemental Awakening, Cleanse)
  • Dodge Pendant
  • Riposte Pendant
  • Resist Metabolic Pendant
  • Resist Mind Affecting Pendant
  • Resist Elemental Pendant
  • +1 Str, -1DR Broach
  • +5 Elemental Damage Talisman
  • +10 {Fire, Ice, Earth, or Lightning} Damage Talisman
  • +5 {Healing or Harming} Effect Talisman
  • +10 {Heal, Cure, Cause, or Inflict> Effect Talisman
  • -5 DR vs Elemental Broach
  • Material Components for a GM1 Staff or Scepter and the Consecrate Item Ritual

5 Credits

For 5 Item Credits, there is an option to work with staff to create a custom item. This will be a conversation to create an item are currently, and probably will always be, limited to +3/GM3 level items. Added items will need to be obtained through the in game item creation system.


Your item will start as a GM3 level item. This will come with whatever enchantment slots may or may not exist for an item of that level. For example, a GM3 weapon will have 3 enchantment slots available, while a GM3 specialty armor will have 0.

Each empty enchantment slot must be filled before any add ons may be added to the item. Item Credit staff will work with you to guide you towards available rituals, as there is a limit to the level of ritual available for 5 item credits. Note: all slots must be filled before a player is allowed to add additional rituals or enchantment slots.

For the cost of 1 item credit, an additional enchantment slot may be added to the item.

For the cost of 1 item credit, a ritual can be added to a newly opened enchantment slot.

For the cost of 1 item credit, a ritual may be "upgraded" to a more powerful version of that ritual. Note: if an upgraded ritual requires additional slots, those slots must be purchased and be unfilled in order to upgrade. An upgraded ritual that requires additional enchantment slots cannot be upgraded to a basic 5-credit item, even by expending a credit. All enchantment slots must be filled in order to create the base 5 credit item.

Example 5 credit items.

  • +3 Longsword with the Elemental tagline and Lesser Soulbound.
  • A GM3 specialty armor such as Defense Leathers or Fire Chain.
  • A GM3 unbreakable shield.
  • A GM3 item that gives a bonus to ritual success.

Example of a 5+ credit item "upgrade" progress.

The following is an example of a 7 credit item.

  1. Create a 5 credit item.
    • GM3 +3 Longsword
    • Enchanted
    • Defender
    • Lesser Soulbound
  2. Spend a Credit to add a new enchantment slot.
  3. Spend a credit to upgrade the Lesser Soulbound ritual to the Greater Soulbound ritual