Champion professions excel at martial skills, and they can easily dominate a melee combat.

Champions are also the toughest of the professions, adding to their survivability in almost any situation. They rely on strength of arm and armor to win the day.


Knight; the word brings up images of the flower of chivalry, heavily armored defenders of the realm. Those whose very deeds and actions have proven themselves to be a cut above the rest of the world.

Loyalty, valor and honor are the traits all Knights share regardless of their disposition toward light or darkness, toward love or hatred. Not all Knights are heavily armored, indeed many a would be swashbuckler could be called a Knight, as could a noble Samurai of the Easterlings. What all Knights do share is a certain state of grace that places them above the normal populace, inner nobility.


There are many people who throughout the History of the Realm have tried to combine the skills of a Warrior and those of the Magi into the ultimate hybrid combatant.


Scoundrels; the very word brings up the image of those who are on the edges of society. Those people who would break all the rules, and yet still find a place in our hearts, of course sometimes that place may be filled with their dagger.


Some people just like to build things, to create objects into more than just their component parts. These builders and scientist form the group we call the Crafters. They believe that though magic is a potent part of the world, and that warriors may rule the battlefield, that neither would be able to even begin to function without the items and resources that the Crafters make.


Wizards, magic-users, members of academia all are descriptive of the Scholarly professions. Though many might say magic is the bread and butter of these professions, it is in fact knowledge that makes the Scholar. Forbidden knowledge, that rare bit of powerful information that can turn the entire world upon its ear.

Scholars are more likely to find their noses in a book, while sitting behind a protective barrier referencing some bit of lore they just gained from a greater power, then swinging a sword at a target dummy trying to learn the basics of combat, any day.