Mythic Adventures Good Sportsmanship Expectations And Code Of Conduct

Table of Contents:

The purpose of this code is to help outline and clarify the best practices and good sportsmanship expectations of Mythic players and staff. After all, we all work together at events to make sure everyone has fun and stays safe! The expectations that are maintained by EVERY player at our LARP are as follows:

Safety First

  • Prioritize safety and adhere to the event's safety rules and guidelines. This includes consistently utilizing the safety training information you receive as a new player, having weapons safety checked, and understanding your role in a combat situation, regardless of player combat-ableness. Once a year, all players should attend a safety course, to refamiliarize themselves with safety protocols.
  • If you need a rules clarification, ask the nearest marshal.
  • If you feel a player isn’t adhering to the safety guidelines in combat, ask them to “check their swings.” If they continue to behave unsafely, alert a safety marshal or nearby staff.

Prop and Weapon Safety

All weapons need to be checked for safety at every Mythic combat event that they will be used in combat. Failure to do so puts player safety at risk, so it is expected that every player has their weapons checked for safety before every event.

Respect for All Participants

Treat all participants with respect, courtesy, and kindness, regardless of their background, experience, character role, or out-of-character relationship with you. Focus on lifting up others. Assume good faith, be respectful, and others will extend you the same courtesy. In other words, don’t be a rectal haberdasher.

Consent and Boundaries

  • Obtain consent before engaging in any physical roleplay with other participants.
  • Respect personal boundaries, physical and emotional, including your own. Take a moment out of play to cool down AFTER an intense scene, without interrupting the flow of roleplay.


Refrain from out-of-play discrimination or harassment based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or any other protected classification. This is not behavior that is acceptable to our community.

Character Separation

  • Players should distinguish between in-game character actions and out-of-game behavior. Players are NOT their characters! Avoid carrying in-game conflicts into real-life interactions, and vice versa. If you are having trouble distinguishing, ask the player in question, as communication strengthens our community!
  • Using any information your character doesn’t know in play is METAGAMING, and is considered bad sportsmanship.

Minors and Guardians

Minors are not permitted at combat events for insurance and safety reasons. If a minor is found to be on site during a three-day event, please notify staff immediately.

Alcohol and Substance Use

Alcohol and other controlled substances that alter perception are strictly prohibited at all three-day events and any combat events that Mythic Adventures holds for safety reasons. If alcohol or controlled substances are found to be used at the event site, the user will be subject to disciplinary action by game staff.

Conflict Resolution

Resolve conflicts or disputes peacefully and in accordance with the event's conflict resolution procedures, avoiding escalation and out-of-game confrontations. The conflict resolution hierarchy is as follows:

Conflict resolution hierarchy:

  1. Sorted amongst the players themselves
  2. Brought to an appropriate marshal or liaison
  3. Staff member responsible for the subject area
  4. Officer (Sarah Ahern, Amanda Bungardner, David Huston, Jon Posnick)
  5. Owner (Gary Von Oesen)

DO Report any violation or conflict promptly so that a fair and thorough investigation can begin. What is not reported cannot be solved!

Do NOT question a marshal’s calls in the field, or in the moment while in play. This is disruptive and unhelpful.

Do NOT try to get a different answer from a different person without telling them it has already been ruled on once. If there is an issue, use the conflict resolution hierarchy above.

Do NOT move past a step in the hierarchy because you think someone else may agree with you. Follow the protocol.


Familiarize yourself with and follow the specific rules for the game, including combat rules, effects, taglines, etc. If you don’t know in a moment of play, ask for a clarification ruling from a present person of authority, and go with that immediate answer.


This Code of Conduct is both a tool to reference for maintaining behavioral expectations of the Mythic Adventures LARP community, and also an agreement made by all players to abide by these expectations. Any violation of these expectations may invoke disciplinary actions ranging from temporary removal of combat privileges, to being permanently removed from Mythic Adventures. Building a good community takes work from all players. The Code of Conduct is a guide of what the Mythic Adventures Community expects from our players. By utilizing this Code of Conduct, we make sure that all players feel safe, welcomed, and continue to enjoy their time being a part of the Mythic Adventures community!