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Up to the Friday before the next 3-day event, players are allowed to send in Preproduction. What does this mean? Your preproduction email ensures quick and accurate experience with the Production table during event check-in. We encourage that everyone who can to turn in a preproduction email, as it will reduce the time you have to spend in lines during check-in, even if you are only getting crown.

Your preproduction email will include the following:

  1. Your name as listed with the Hero's Library
  2. The character you will be playing at the event
  3. Do you have a season pass or golden ticket?
  4. Is your character a Noble or Cavalier?
  5. Is your character part of a prestige group, or do they have an item that changes aspects of your production and/or craft/gather skills?
  6. What you are doing with your gather and/or production skills if you have them.

You'll send the email to

Skill Information

For a list of available tags, please visit Gather Pull List.

Farming, Fishing, Forestry & Mining

For these you can do one of the following:

  1. Straight Pull at your skill level, or combo equaling your level. Ex: You have Mining Level 3, you can choose to take 1 Silver (Tier 3), or 1 Copper (Tier 2) and 1 Rough Amber (Tier 1), or 3 Coal (Tier 1)
  2. Gamble. This gives you a chance to get more tags possibly at a higher level tier than your skill. HOWEVER there is always a chance you will get nothing. Also, when gambling, once you select a tag tier, all tags must come from the same tier. You can not mix as you would in a straight pull.
  3. Crowns. Money is always an option, but you can not take tags for any skills from which you take crowns.


You start with a default of 2 tags at your level of merchant, minus one, except when your merchant level is one, then you can choose only one tier one tag. You are allowed to shift down a tier to a maximum of 5 tags.


Based on the level of the skill, your character is able to find random items from tags, magic scrolls, recipes, and other items. There is a chance you will find nothing or the exact item for which you have been searching.

Ink-Making, Sewing, and other Craft skills.

You will earn crowns based on the level of the skill.

Note: there are currently some skills that fall into the above category that do a little more. This includes, but is not limited to, divinations, teaching, animal husbandry, and others. If you want to see if your craft skill has additional bonuses, please check with a member of the production team.

Skill Tier Payouts.

  • Tier 1 - 02 Crowns
  • Tier 2 - 05 Crowns
  • Tier 3 - 09 Crowns
  • Tier 4 - 14 Crowns
  • Tier 5 - 20 Crowns

Skill Tools

With a skill tool, you add one to the level of your skill up to level 5.

Tools cannot give you a pull above 5, however, with tools and a level 5 skill you can do multiple pulls, i.e. 5+1, or 3+3, etc. You CAN choose to take crowns at a "Tier 6" level, and would give you 27 crowns.


Please include what type of production you are doing. You WILL need your recipe with you when picking up. If you are a new player or have recently been approved for a respec, please indicate this and we will work together to make sure you are set up correctly with your recipes.

Indicate what item(s) you are making - PLEASE DO YOUR OWN MATH.

  • What is the production/crown/tag cost
  • Are you increasing the production cost to reduce the crown cost? (apprentice/journeyman/master only)
  • Are you using tag or crown pulls to cover these costs?

Preproduction Bonus

In addition to a faster check in process, characters with a production skill that send in a preproduction email will get a +10% bonus to your production points. So if you are a Level 10 Journeyman Armorsmith, which typically gives you 20 production points, via a preproduction email would instead get 22 production points!

Sending in as a House or Group

For groups/households wanting to send in PreProduction together you must do the following: * Get the consent of the other players in your group * In your subject line indicate you are sending for multiple people - i.e. House St. Joan multiple characters preproduction for September Event * Keep each character separate - Do not lump all pulls and skills together - if I can’t clearly see a separation between characters I will not be able to do your group's PreProduction.

Example Email

Player: Jane Brown
Character: Mary St. Joan
Season Pass
No prestige group
Stone Mason Tools, will bring item sheet to verify

Mining 4 - Gamble
In order of need Copper Ore(T2) 3, Quicksilver(T5) 1, Coal(T1) 4

Farming 2 - 2 Hulled oats(T1)

Fishing 3 - Gamble - Dealers Choice (this means the production team picks tags for you, it is always better for you to choose)

Merchant 5 - Glowfire Mushroom(T4) 1, Fireweed(T3) 1, and Stone Salt(T3) 1

Stone Mason 4 with tools
Divinations 1
Weaving 3
Cartography 2

Jewel Craft - Journeyman

I will be making a ring of one spell 3 production points and 10 crowns and a ring of two spells 7 production points and 20 crowns.
I have 20 production points.
The remaining 10 points I will be using to reduce the total crowns owed to 20 please use my crowns earned from craft skills to cover the cost.