Welcome to Mythic Adventures LARP!

We are a Fantasy LARP of mystery and intrigue with boffer combat based in Central Florida. We have currently hold three day events at Camp Geneva located in Fruitland Park.  Our one day modules occur all over the Central Florida area. Our Mythic Adventures LARP Community Group can be found here.


Cost of attendance for our events varies by the event. Our three day events cost $75 for a weekend, and $45 for tent camping. . The reason why there are two separate costs is that some members decide to bring their own tents. The cabins cost more than the primitive campsites and it would be unfair for the individuals staying in tents, who must provide their own tents, to pay for players who stay in a cabin and not receive the same amenities (varies by site) as those who stay in the cabins. Mythic Adventures will even provide some tents. The $45 goes to renting out the site and other associated event costs (props, Monster Town water, etc.). One day events will cost $10 to play. This money goes into associated event costs. Monstering or NPCing for the entirety of either type of event will be free as we see that as you working for the game. Please note, however, that there may be a cost for lodging. For more information, speak the Sign Up crew.

We do allow individuals to sell goods for Out of Play money (US dollars). There will be a fee of $20 and approval from the Game Masters. Please settle this before the event. There are no associated Out of Play costs for selling goods or services for In Play money (crowns), though there may be In Play costs (taxes).

All money can either be paid in person or through PayPal. All PayPal payments go to MythicAdventuresLARP@gmail.com. Make sure to send it as a gift and note what the money is for so that it can be properly allocated. You may check with the Mythic Sign Up staff if you have any questions.

Our upcoming events are announced on the Facebook Group Page and updated on the calendar on this site. The location of the site will be announced with the event as well as any needed help in preparation for the event. All help towards the game will be rewarded with experience point chits. We believe that even though this is a community that helps each other out, it is not fair to any person who works extra in service to the LARP and by extension, the community. All volunteer time will vary by experience point chits that are rewarded. Some of the help comes in the form of donated items or money, others crafting ability, and others just plain old time as we need help moving items, setting up, or breaking down. There is something for everyone that wishes to be involved in this way. If you are unsure if you are able to help with a task, email us with your concerns and we will keep you in mind for future tasks that you could do. We believe in equality and that just because someone is unable to physically or mentally perform a task, this should not deny them access to help the game. This is a community and literally everyone has something to offer. But we cannot help if we do not know. Helping the game is not obligatory, so do not also feel as if you must assist.

Before you will be allowed to play, you must submit your medical form and liability waiver to the Head Medic (Amanda Bumgardner). Both of these forms need to be submitted before entering play at your first event and once a year thereafter. The liability waiver can only be submitted in person and while presenting a state or government issued ID. This is only available, in person, from Amanda. Your medical information is confidential unless it is needed to relay to the paramedics ONLY and in the event that they need to be called. You can either email the medical form to her at amcar16@aol.com or print it out and give it to her in person. Either way, we cannot allow you to play without submission of both of these forms.

Medical Form

Non-combatants are signified with either a you-can't-miss-it bright, orange headband or armband. This means that they are not able to be physically hit or be hit in combat. You cannot run up to them and hit them with a weapon nor can you hit them with a spell packet. They are NOT eligible for physical attacks of any kind. DO NOT HIT THEM. These individuals are unable to fight for any myriad of reasons. These reasons are private and are not of anyone's concerns. Only the Medic Team can give out orange headbands both at the beginning of the LARP and throughout the weekend or day. They give them out based off of their judgments of whether being in a fight would be a danger to the individual in question. It is possible to receive an orange headband from a Medic if you find that you have sprained your ankle or request one with a valid concern. They can take these headbands away when it appears that you are better, but only they can allow the removal of an orange headband. These individuals in orange headbands are what are considered to have Fate of the Party. Fate of the Party means that whatever group they are with determines whether they live or die. If they group falls, so does their character. They must stand a part from combat and no Player is allowed to use them as cover. If they engage in combat, they are considered to be violating their orange headband restriction and are at that point open for physical combat.

Out of Character is signified with a white headband. If you see anyone wearing this color headband, they do not exist for your character.

Many players have brought food to cook and prepare, though we request you try to make anything done out in the open as immersive as possible.  If a fire pit is used for cooking purposes, it must be watched and maintained at all times.  Some players have set up food stores that are available for both in and out of play costs.

A three day event requires that a Player works a four to six hour NPC shift. These are generally combat roles, but other non-combatant positions are available with priority to Players identified by the Medic Team as Non-combatants. Examples of these positions are: Monster Town Marshals and Tavern Shifts. For more information on non-combat NPC roles, please inquire. For those who do not fulfill their NPC shift, they will receive half the experience points of that event (a normal three day grants 100 experience points). We ask that for each one day module you attend as a Character, that you attend the equal amount as a Monster. Points will be deducted or extra points granted depending upon this split. The most important thing to remember when Monstering is that you are aiding in providing an experience for the Players who you are facing. Treat it with the same respect that you would want someone to treat fighting you. The goal isn't to kill the Player Characters, but to allow them to have a good experience that will have them smiling and telling stories of after the event. Sometimes this does involve killing them, but the goal isn't to win. There is no "winning" at our LARP either as a Monster or as a Character. You cannot win in a story and not everyone will be the hero all of the time. The goal is to have fun.

Spell Books and Rune books need to be physically represented by the Player with the full outline of the spell description from the Rule Book. There needs to be enough space for a 1 inch by 1 inch square to stamp the official Mythic Adventures LARP stamp. Recipes and Rituals will be provided by Gary Von Oeson. Any Scribe who copies any of the above four items (Spell, Rune, Recipe, or Ritual) needs to follow the Scribe outline provided in the book. Productions also need to have a physical representation (i.e. bottles for elixers or bandages for Surgeons). While individual spells must have all of their information on a single page, you may choose to copy another spell, along with all of its information, on the backside of the same page so that the front and back of each page in your book can be utilized.

The ONLY time respends are allowed:

  • Newbie Respend: If you have attended 3 three days or less, you may submit to The Hero's Library for approval why you wish to respend your character. We allow this so players do not feel locked into their character before experiencing the game. This respend only applies to your first character.
  • Medical Respend: If there is a medical reason why you can no longer play your character in its current spend, you are allowed to respend. You MUST have both approval from a Game Master AND either the Head or Assistant Medic.

No other respends are allowed.

Have your character sheet and a pen on you at all times. Marshals will randomly check sheets to make sure the players are correctly keeping track of their skills and hit points.

Registering for an Event

  1. Send your payment through PayPal to mythicadventureslarp@gmail.com using the donate button on the website or by clicking the donate link on the event page on Facebook.
    • If you are playing your character, and you are tent camping or not staying on site, the cost is $45. If you are playing your character, and you are staying in one of our buildings with indoor plumbing and air conditioning, the cost of $75.
    • If you are full time monstering and you are tent camping or not staying on site, the cost is free. If you are staying in our monster cabin with indoor plumbing and air conditioning, the cost is $10.
  2. Once you have sent your payment to mythicadventureslarp@gmail.com via the PayPal using the donate button on the website or the by clicking the link on the event page, take a screen shot of the confirmation screen — not the one that shows the credit card numbers, and send an email of the confirmation to mythicsignup@gmail.com.
    • Include in that email the following information — your legal name (especially if this differs from your PayPal account), your character name (especially if you have multiple characters), the cabin that you want to stay in (Ancients, Dusk Elves, Sudomir, Martarus, etc), and a second cabin choice.
    • If you are a Season Passholder, if you have a Golden Ticket, if you have money that you are rolling over from a previous event, or if you are paying cash on site, you must include that in your email.
  3. If you are a new player, if this is your anniversary month, or if you have not filled out a medical history form in over a year, click on the medical history form in the files section of this page or on the website, fill it out, and email it to me at amcar16@aol.com. Alternatively, you can print it out and bring it to the event or fill one out at the event, but it will be harder to maintain privacy that way.

Cabins are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Until staff get BOTH your email and your payment confirmation, you are not officially assigned a cabin, and you may not get your first choice.

Registration questions can be directed via facebook to Amanda Bumgardner, or via email to mythicsignup@gmail.com

Checking in at an event is easy and broken down into simple steps generally visible by separate tables and stations.

  1. Check in with the Medics to ensure all forms are up to date.
  2. Then, visit the Cabin table to pay anything you may need if you did not prepay for the event, as well as receive your cabin assignment.
  3. Next, you'll fill out your name in on one of the Monster Sign Up sheets, which will allow you to then pick up your character packet (sheet, pink card, magic sheet).
  4. New Players must report to The Hero's Library to finish any character creation steps. If you have an issue with your sheet, you can also check in with the Library to have any concerns dealt with.
  5. Visit Weapons and Armor check in to get your weapons tested by our safety team, as well as get your Weapons and Armor cards looked at. Cards from previous games can be kept as long as nothing has changed.
  6. The Production table will be separated into different areas, based on what you need. If you did pre-production you should be able to quickly gather your production pulls and move on. If you have issues you can meet with a production team member.
  7. One station will be set aside for scribing and spell book checks. If you need to gain new spells or recipes, they will take care of you there.
  8. Opening Ceremonies will be announced, which will go over any new information as well as give a summary of potential plot and any special events for that gather
  9. New Players MUST attend the New Player Safety course. Players who have not played in a while, or have not attended a safety course for some time, are encouraged to also attend.
  10. Have Fun! :)

As of Season 6 our check out process has moved online! After each event our library staff will activate an online form to fill out with detailed instructions on how to check out. Please remember that you need to have your area signed off by our check out team before in order to receive your attendance XP. These will be checked. We want to leave the site just as clean as we arrived.


What to Bring

  • Character Clothing and Props (multiple if the event is more than one day)
  • Basic Black or Grey Outfit for Monstering (multiple if the event is more than one day)
  • Payment
  • Medical Form
  • Money for Tavern
  • Money for Vendors
  • Bedding for Overnight Events and Tents for Those who are Tent Camping

Did you have trouble understanding some of the terms on this page or are you ready to create a character? Check out the New Player Guide listed to the left in order to learn all about LARPing and the Mythic Adventures LARP character generation.