Rune of Vengeance

Level: 9
Duration: 10 minutes
Type: Weapon

This Powerful Rune grants the bearer call double (x2) their damage with the weapon it has been inscribed upon for 10 minutes, against one chosen type of opponent.

The bearer must clearly state “Activate: Rune of Vengeance against ” to activate the damage properties of this Rune.

This effect stacks after all other damage modifiers. Thus, if a Runemaster had a magical Shortsword +3, and had also placed a Rune of Combat on the Blade the Rune Master would call 12 magic (2 base + 3 modifier, +1 Rune of combat x2 Rune of vengeance)

Any effect which does a specific damage type would still be added on at the end such as Fire or Ice.

**** Please note that the damage a weapon cannot ever call more than triple its actual damage cap. (i.e. a shortsword with a damage cap of 30, can never call more than 90)****