Category: Sneak Attack

Prerequisites: Ambush, Backstab Damage(Every 3), Dodge

The Assassinate skill is a special attack skill which allows the character to call a damaging attack from behind a target which unless properly defended against will cause the defender to fall and be placed at Lethally Wounded status. This attack can only be made if the attacker is behind the target as defined previously.

To launch this, attack the character must say at minimum “Assassinate” plus the weapon damage type, and if needed the hand which the strike is coming from. This attack is only good for the one (1) swing in which it is made.

For example, it would be feasible to hear, “Assassinate Magic” from a player using a magical weapon for the attack. The skill is used up whether it is successful or not at that time.

The strike must land on the player and make contact with their person. If physically blocked by a weapon or shield, the attack fails and is used up. Also, there are spell shields (Mage’s Armor of the Spirit, Armor of the Spirit, Rune of Impenetrable Armor) which will defend against this attack, as well as the Cheat Death, Evade, Resolute Defense, Dodge, or Feint skills.

Some creatures and even some characters can develop a natural defense against this attack. These creatures will take damage based on their Master Fortify skill.

The player may purchase this skill once after gaining three (3) levels of the Backstab Damage skill and other prerequisites. They may then purchase this skill each time they gain an additional three (3) levels of the Backstab Damage skill. Thus, it is possible for a player with Backstab Damage +13 to have 4.

Purchase Limit:

Based on profession

Skill Costs:
Warrior: 9
Cavalier: N/A
Marauder: 6
Knight of Valor: N/A
Knight of Strife: N/A
Knight of Darkness: N/A
Rangers: 6
Avenger: 6
Sentinel: 9
Vagabond: 6
Duelist: 3
Rogue: 3
Apothecary: 18
Tinkerer: 15
Smith: 18
Magi: 18
Sorcerer: 18
Artificer: 18

Calculate Cost:

Total cost: