Evade vs Lore Creatures

Category: Profession

Prerequisites: Level 10 Vagabond, Level 20 Avenger, Level 30 Rogue, Level 40 Duelist

  • Level 10: Vagabond
  • Level 20: Avenger
  • Level 30: Rogue
  • Level 40: Duelist

The character may Evade an attack made by a Creature in which he/she has an Informational Lore. This skill acts like the Dodge skill. The player must state “Evade” loud enough for all to hear. When using this skill, any attack aimed at the character misses, he/she simply gets out of the way. This skill is not effective on area of effect attacks (Example Fire 10’ Radius cannot be evaded).

This skill may be learned once every 20 levels by an Avenger (i.e. 20th, 40th, 60th, 80th and 100th level, each time costing 5 points).

This skill may be purchased up to 3 times by a Vagabond.

This skill may be learned every 40 spells by a Duelist (i.e. 40th, 80th).

This skill may be learned every 30 levels by a Rogue (30, 60, 90).

Purchase Limit:

Duelist: 2 (Every 40 levels)
Avenger: 5 (Every 20 levels)
Vagabond: 3
Rogue: 3 (Every 30 levels)

Profession/Prestige Costs:
  • 5 Points