Unparriable Critical Strike vs Lore Creatures

Category: Profession

Prerequisites: Level 25 Vagabond, Level 50 Duelist

  • Level 25: Vagabond
  • Level 50: Duelist

This melee attack allows the user to Critically Strike an opponent which the Vagabond has an Informational Lore Skill in, like the skill of that name. This attack cannot be parried by a Parry, Shield Block, or Shield Bash. It can be Dodged, Evaded, or protected against by spells. To activate this skill, the user states “Unparriable Critical Strike

This skill maybe learned by a Vagabond every 25 levels (i.e. 25, 50, 75, 100).

This skill may be learned by a Duelist every 50 levels (50, 100).

Purchase Limit:

Duelist: 2 (Every 50 levels)
Vagabond: 4 (Every 25 levels)

Profession/Prestige Costs:
  • 5 Points