Arcane Prison

Level: 8
Duration: 10 minutes
Area of Effect: One Creature
Type: Confining
Usable By: Arcanist

I Force the Arcane to Imprison you.

This spell causes the victim to become encased on an area of force and unable to use his/her body from head to toe.

The target may not move nor cast during the duration of this spell, unless they have the proper form of protection against such magic.

If the target is unable to receive aid in removing the paralyze spell, they may be killed on a 5 count.

The target is otherwise protected from all manner of harm or help while in cased in the Imprison Spell.

Strength score of +8 or higher will allow the Prison to be broken on a ten (10) count. (i.e. Breaking 1, Breaking 2, Breaking 3…) and +16 on a five (5) count

These counts should be at a reasonable pace of approximately 1 second per count.

A creature may not change form, phase or shift planes while in an Arcane Prison.