Armor of the Spirit

Level: 7
Duration: Special
Area of Effect: One Creature
Type: Protection

With the power of the land I protect your spirit in armor.

This spell grants the target protection from many overpowering and deadly attack types.

These are the following: Critical Strike (any), Crippling Strike, Lethal Strike, Death, Life, Condemn, Assassinate, Stunning Strike, Infectious Strike and Ambush.

This spell is considered separate for spell shield checks and once activated protects the bearer from the said attack, still expending the attack for the attacker. The Armor of the Spirit spell is also consumed by the attack.

To Defender must state “Flash” to let the attacker know the attack failed.

A creature may only ever have 1 Armor of the Spirit spell active at a time. This includes the Ethereal spell Mage’s Armor of the Spirit

The spell expires after one day (at spell reset) if not used.

Special Note: This spell is not consumed by the Ambush skill it simply protects against it so long as it has not been consumed.

Note, this spell will be consumed by and protect against the Demise tagline. It will stop the tagline effect, but the base damage called will still harm the target. (i.e. 25 Demise, will still do 25 points of damage, but the target will not take a Demise effect)