Charm Being

Level: 7
Duration: 1 hour
Area of Effect: One Creature
Usable By: Arcanist Celestial

I force a charm upon this being, to do my bidding.

This spell causes the Target to fall under the control of the Caster for the duration of the spell, or until the caster dies, the target is destroyed or control is otherwise wrestled from the caster.

The target will follow the casters commands to the best of its abilities, but will not do anything which is beyond its normal nature, or ability.

Thus, a Humans will not try to fly off a building; a Knight cannot be made to lie, and so on.

Any attempt to make a creature that is under the Charm Being spell does such an action will immediately break the Charm Being spell.

The Charm Being spell can be used to have the target defend the caster from others (though they may not kill their friends or family) and if a truly brave being such as a knight this may be even until its own death.

Special Note: This spell can be extremely fun and is a role-playing challenge at times. Always be aware that is you are a victim of this spell and unsure if you would do a command default in the casters favor.