Control Undead

Level: 4
Duration: 1 Hour
Area of Effect: 1 Undead Only
Type: Order
Usable By: Wrath Necromancer

Creature of Undeath heed my call and be controlled by my darkness, answering only to me.

This spell causes the Target Undead to fall under the complete control of the Caster for the duration of the spell, or until the caster dies, the undead is destroyed or control is otherwise wrestled from the caster.

The Undead must be at or below 250 hit points to fall under the control of the caster. This may be naturally or through damage taken.

On a created Undead the control will last even if the Undead’s hit points rises back above 250, but on a Free Willed Undead, it will regain it’s free will as soon as it is back over 250 hit points

The Undead will follow the casters commands to the best of its abilities even unto its own destruction.