Curse of Rot

Level: 8
Duration: Until removed or Resurrection
Area of Effect: One creature
Type: Cursing
Usable By: Wrath Necromancer

With Darkness in my soul I call forth, Boils, Bile, Pus, and Decay and curse you with Rotting, and Infections that shall not heal.

This spell curses the target so that no form of healing Magical or otherwise will work on the target until the curse is removed. This effect even blocks healing to those targets which would require reverse magics to heal, such as some dark Fey which are healed by Corruption Magics.

Thus, any spell or effect which would harm the target will still be effective regardless of the type needed do to the targets status (i.e. Corrupted, Desecrated…).

This Curse lasts until a Remove Curse Spell is cats on the Creature or a Greater type of magic which affects Curses. Thus, a Ritual Cleanse would remove this effect but the Heal Spell (H9) would not. The spell also dissipates from the Creature upon Resurrection (Ritual not a Life or similar spell).

Special Note: Lay on Hands used through Spell or a Knight’s special ability is still unable to heal the target creature, but the knight would still lose any hit points transferred to the Creature.

This spell cannot be used to harm constructs or other creatures without a life force, and have no effect on the Undead