Ethereal Explosion

Level: 6
Duration: 2 packets (5 seconds)
Area of Effect: 10ft radius from where the packet strikes.
Type: Celestial / Magic
Usable By: Celestial

I consume all in an Explosion of Ethereal Magic.

This spell allows the caster to hurl a packet at an area or target. The effect spreading out instantly from wherever the Packet strikes. All beings in the area take a tagline of 30 magic.

These packets are considered non-magical for the purposes of being defended against, but as they are an area effect they cannot be blocked by a shield.

The caster has 5 seconds to throw the packet, but he/she may not cast another spell until the packet has been thrown or the duration expires.

This spell damages armor first, then hit points. Such that if a target has 3 points of armor the Ethereal Explosion would first do 3 points of armor damage then the remaining 27 points would be taken from Hit points