Fire Shield

Level: 4
Duration: Special
Area of Effect: One Creature
Type: Protection
Usable By: Elementalist

I give the gift of the elements and Shield you from Fire.

This spell grants the target Protection from any harmful Fire attack, Spell or Tagline.

This spell is considered separate for Spell shield checks and once activated simply protects the bearer from any form of Flame still expending the spell or tagline for the attacker.

To Defender must state “Flash” to let the attacker know the attack failed and the Shield was consumed.

A creature may only ever have 1 Fire Shield spell active at a time. Furthermore, they may not stack this spell with Ice Shield or Lightning Shield. It will stack with other defenses against Magics, as well as the Armor Against Elements Spell and Runes which have a similar effect.

The spell expires after one day (at spell reset) if not used.

Special Note: This spell does defend against physical attacks such as packets or the fire/flaming tagline