Force Shield

Level: 5
Duration: Special
Area of Effect: Caster Only
Type: Protection
Usable By: Arcanist

I Force all attacks to be turned aside.

This spell allows the Arcanist caster gain an aura of 40 Points which will absorb all damaged based attacks whether they are Armor Points of hit points. This protection counts against both physical and magical attacks.

(i.e. a Arcanist who is facing an Orc Shaman is first hit for 9 points from the shaman’s Staff they would suffer no damage and the Force shield would have 31 Points left, if they were later hit by a 35 Body tagline attack or spell the caster would only take 4 hit points of damage, the rest being negated by the Force Shield)

This spell will only last for a day, if not used it dissipates with the Dawn.

Note: At character creation, this spell must be chosen before any other spell of it's level can be added to your book. In instances where multiple spells like this are available, only one needs to be chosen.