Light (Terrestrial)

Level: 1
Duration: 1 game day or 5 seconds
Area of Effect: One Creature or Item
Type: Item
Usable By: Healer Hearth Druid Wrath

I call upon <insert Terrestrial magic used here> magics to Light the Path before me.

This spell causes an item to glow for 1 game day. To represent this, a glow stick or other colored light may be used. The color of the light depends on the type of magic used.

White: Healer

Yellow: Hearth

Red: Wrath

Green: Druid

This spell may be used offensively against certain creatures which are light sensitive such as Shadow Dwarves and Dusk Elves. In this case the creature is blinded for 5 seconds.

The target can still defend itself, but may not attack for those 5 seconds, and must act blind in a safe manner.