Wall of Stone

Level: 4
Duration: 1 hour
Area of Effect: 10 ft by 10 foot wall
Type: Earth / Stone / Elemental
Usable By: Elementalist

I call forth a Wall of Stone to arise from the Earth.

This spell erects a 10-foot-tall 10-foot-long 1-foot-thick wall of thorns to arise from the ground blocking all passage.

The wall has 100 hit points and a DR of 10. Cleaving weapons which attack it do so at half damage, and slashing weapons have no effect. Spells using Fire or Earth also do half their normal damage. Others have no effect.

It may only be harmed fully by Blunt weapons or Ice.

Damage from a specified element or damage type is halved or eliminated before the DR is applied.

Special Note, it is highly recommended the caster mark their Wall of Stone clearly, safely, and properly. Outdoors on the grass powder such as chalking works well, and at night multiple glow sticks are an excellent marker. Cutting into a wood Floor, or chalk on a deck are not good ideas for obvious reasons.