Wizard Lock

Level: 7
Duration: One Event
Area of Effect: One Clearly Defined Area
Type: Protection

I lock this vessel with the full might of the Ethereal.

This spell creates a seal of protection which forbids creatures from opening the sealed item the barrier if active. This area must be a clearly defined portal such as a door, or item such as a box.

This spell may be raised and lowered by the casters command, by stating Wizard Lock Open or Wizard Lock Closed. If the Wizard Lock is active but open anything may open the vessel, once locked nothing may leave or enter including magic.

A Clearly defined vessel such as a Box or a Door must be marked to denote the presence of the Wizard Lock

The Knock and Disjunct spells as well as a Disrupt or Destroy Magic ritual will remove a Wizard Lock.

Special Note, it is highly recommended the caster mark the Area clearly, Safely, and properly. Bright Tape across the opening will suffice.

Cutting into a wood Floor, or chalk on a deck are not good ideas for obvious reasons.