Registration for Altar of Ascension - March Event

March 08, 2023

****Official Staff Post****

Registration for the March event will go live Tuesday, March 14th at 5pm!

Bazaar of the Moon Update & Season 8 Schedule!

March 02, 2023

The Bazaar of the Moon has been shifted to a full 3-day event at Camp Geneva!  The dates are May 12 to May 14!  This has been updated here on the website and the google calander!

In addition, the Season 8 Schedule has been posted!  From the desk of Gary:

Festival September 29-October 1st

All Hallows: October 27-29th

Yule: December 15-17th

Ratification Day: January 5-7th

A Time of Longing : February 2-4th

The (...)

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Late arrivals and cancellations!

February 23, 2023

Official Staff Post From the Desk of Amanda:

If you realize that you are going to arrive after opening ceremonies, please let me know and what time you are anticipating getting there. 
This lets me know if check in needs to stay open a little later, or if I have you come to the infirmary to check in, or if I just give you your cabin assignment and tell you to come by the infirmary in the morning for your character sheet, etc.

Late would be after 11pm.

If you are coming on (...)

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A Reminder about Check In Procedures!

February 16, 2023

From the Desk of Production Marshal Jillian:

Hi Mythic Community,

As we continue to grow, I would like to make the following requests in order to achieve a smooth set-up and pre-game festivities.

First and foremost, please register for the event. You can always pay once you arrive. By registering, you have a better chance to stay where you would like versus where you are put.

Secondly, please be mindful of arrival times when arriving to site. Also note, due to real life schedules and traffic, not all of staff members (...)

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Registration for February Event!

February 01, 2023

****Official Staff Post****

Registration for the February Event will go live February 14th at 5pm!