Registration for Feypril 2022!

April 12, 2022

****Official Staff Post****

Registration for Faepril is now LIVE!!!!

See instructions on how to register for an event here:

Tavern Menu for April 1st Game!

March 30, 2022

Our amazing Tavern Staff has revealed the menu for the 4/1-4/3 game!  Check it out below!

Medical History Due Day for April 1st Event

March 24, 2022

****Official Medic Post****

If you plan on emailing your medical history form, it must be sent to by March 30!

Bazaar of the Moon!

March 24, 2022



Will be June 4th, this year, at Starkey Park!


Main Bazaar activities will be from 10a - 6p.

The google events calendar has been updated to reflect this new event.

Rulebook Update!

March 23, 2022

A PDF of the newest revision of the rulebook has been uploaded to the website!  Check the link in the sidebar!

The website has been updated to now have a static URL to the newest rulebook revision: You can save this as a link and always know you can get the lateset PDF copy!  And of course, our Info page as a link to the latest copy of the PDF, as well as a link to the Living Document found on OneDrive (...)

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