Meal Plan Update.

November 30, 2021

Due to lack of participation, we are pausing the meal plan.

Registration for Yule Event

November 30, 2021

Registration for Yule goes live at Noon!

The Yule event takes place on December 17th through December 19th at Camp Gevena.  

Upcoming Dates & Deadlines!

November 22, 2021

Registration for Woodland Moot and Autumn’s Bounty is ongoing.  The event is this weekend. If you have not emailed, we do not know that you are coming.

Registration for Yule will go live Tuesday, November 30th.  The event is December 17-19th. Yule feast is, as always, a potluck and will occur on the 18th. Outside vendors are welcome to set up on the 18th. We will post more about how to register (there are no changes, but people always ask), closer to the (...)

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Registration for Woodlands Moot & Autumn Bounty

November 15, 2021

Registration for Moot/Autumn's Bounty Starts tomorrow, November 16th, at NOON!

Registration for Celebration of the Fallen!

November 11, 2021

As a reminder, registration for Celebration of the Fallen is now live!

Registration for this event starts Tuesday, November 9 at noon. Cost is $15 per person. Please send the admission fee to at paypal via friends and family.  The ceremony and feast is from 5pm - 9pm. Kira Dowling's parents have graciously agreed to host. 

After you have paid, please email a screen shot of your Paypal confirmation to If you are a season pass holder or a golden ticket holder and you intend on attending, please (...)

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