Feint Attack

Category: Sneak Attack

Prerequisites: Ambush, Backstab Damage(Every 4), Assassinate, Dodge

The Feint skill is a special attack skill which allows the character to Dodge (as described in the skill of the same name) an incoming attack while also calling a damaging attack which unless properly defended against will cause the defender to take the Feint Attack user’s normal weapon damage, including Backstab Damage. This skill cannot be augmented by another ability like Lethal Strike or Eviscerate.

To launch this attack, the character must say at minimum “Feint Attack” plus the weapon damage and type. This attack is only good for the one (1) Dodge in which it is made.

For example, it would be feasible to hear, “Feint Attack 12 Magic” from a player using a magical weapon for the attack.

The strike must dodge an incoming melee attack on the player and have been able to make physical contact with the initial attacker. If blocked by any of the Parry, Block or Dodge skills, the Feint’s damage will be nullified

There are certain limitations to the damage that can be caused by this attack. The first is obviously the damage which the player would normally call with Backstab Damage, such that if a player would normally call “5 normal” from the front, but “10 normal” from behind they would be able to call “Feint Attack 10 normal” when using this skill. The skill is used up whether it is successful or not at that time.

The second would be the maximum that the weapon itself can call, thus a dagger with its maximum of 15damage from the front but 40 from backstab would only ever be able to call 40 points of damage from an attack when using this skill.

Some creatures and even some characters can develop a natural defense against certain attacks such as Lethal Strike, where in they only take a limited amount of damage. As the Feint Attack skill is a straight damaging skill the creature would take whatever the damage called against them would be, so long as the attack is successful. Damage Reductions and Absorptions still would be applied normally to counter act any damage from the Feint Attack.

There is no form of personal spell shield which can be used against a Feint Attack.

The projectile weapons skills Bow, Crossbow, Thrown Weapons and Firearms, cannot be used to learn the Feint Attack skill and the Feint Attack skill cannot be used with these weapons.

Certain attacks have an "Unavoidable" portion to their tagline Those attacks cannot be Dodged or Evaded, but they can be Intercepted.

The player may purchase this skill once after gaining four (4) levels of the Backstab Damage skill and the other prerequisites. They may then purchase this skill each time they gain an additional four (+4) levels of the Backstab Damage skill. Thus, it is possible for a player with Backstab Damage +9 to have 2.

Purchase Limit:

Based on profession

Skill Costs:
Warrior: 12
Cavalier: N/A
Marauder: 9
Knight of Valor: N/A
Knight of Strife: N/A
Knight of Darkness: N/A
Rangers: 9
Avenger: 9
Sentinel: 12
Vagabond: 9
Duelist: 6
Rogue: 6
Apothecary: 18
Tinkerer: 18
Smith: N/A
Magi: N/A
Sorcerer: N/A
Artificer: N/A

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Total cost: